Day 0: Taking Off 

(Trying again on WordPress, since the official Blogspot app is nonfunctional)  

Today marks Day 0 of my Camino, where I plan on walking from Porto, Portugal to Santiago de Conpostela, Spain over the span of a little less than two weeks. But first I actually have to get there. To do that I will have to drive from Seattle to Vancouver, fly from Vancouver to London (Heathrow), bus from Heathrow to London (Gatwick) over a small time window, and finally from there to Porto. 
So I’m finding myself currently in YVR, about to embark on the second hop of my trip to Porto. This has already had its fair share of excitement. I was held up at the Canadian border because I am (technically) a Canadian resident driving in a car I own equipped American license plates, and so the border guards wanted me to pay duty and register the car. I have driven up before while I was on a work visa, but that meant that I was an American resident so had no motoring issues. Thankfully – despite the driven motivation of the initial guards – I was finally allowed in while keeping ownership of my vehicle. 
The Vancouver airport breezed me through security (props to them on running an efficient system!) and I promptly located and navigated to the airport lounge. With any luck, I’ll be able to navigate through the winding country roads of Portugal and Spain with the same ease. I’m now loaded up on Laksa soup (an Indonesian dish) and easing through a glass of merlot while waiting for my flight to board. I’ll have to be careful not to become so heavy that the plane won’t be able to take off! 
Signing off for now, will update in Porto (or London, if something interesting happens there). 

My home for the next 9 hours
The airport has an aquarium!
A new dish appears! Very spicy, but tasty
All ready for adventure!

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